Dr. Nasser Siabi

photo of Dr. Nasser Siabi

Dr Nasser Siabi has been frequently cited as a ‘visionary’ and natural born philanthropist. Born in Iran in 1962, he and his family relocated to the UK in 1977. His background of computer science, technology, and advanced studies to PhD level coupled with a chronic visual impairment, lead him to develop a pioneering business model for Microlink.  Microlink was established in 1992 which has improved the lives of over a quarter of a million disabled students and individuals since then and has been the industry leader.  Dr Nasser Siabi’s vision to improve the overall wellbeing of humanity, starting from education entry, to gaining employment and living lives that maximise their full potential, is pioneering work. Dr Nasser Siabi, his company and staff are dedicated to this cause and through consistent research, data capturing, impressive statistics and overwhelming proof that his ‘idea for an all-inclusive society’ works across all levels.