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Accessible Qatar Conference

Accessible Qatar, a Sasol initiative, is a smartphone application and website, the first of its kind in the region providing the disabled community instant and reliable information about the accessibility of public and touristic locations in Qatar. Combining expertly-audited data with user-submitted reviews and ratings, Accessible Qatar gives the disabled community and tourists the confidence to visit different accessible destinations. Moreover, having accessibility information publicly available on Accessible Qatar will encourage venues to make necessary modifications in support of accessibility for all patrons.

As part of its ongoing Accessible Qatar initiative, Sasol partnered with Project Qatar, the leading construction exhibition in Qatar, in order to raise awareness on the accessibility issue and to influence project developers towards making their existing and future venues accessible. Sasol and Project Qatar will also introduce a two days “Accessible Qatar Conference” on 8 and 9 May 2017, and “Accessible Qatar Awards” for most accessible venues in Qatar on 9 May 2017.

Sectors that would be covered in the conference will include the following:
Tourism: Accessible tourism for all: Examining global concepts and identifying new approaches and initiatives for sustainable accessible tourism
Architectural Designs: Eden Project Case Study -accessible architectural designs and implementation
Media Workshop: Importance of Accessibility and the Role of media in promoting it
Sports: How to Improve fan experience for people with disabilities. Case study on different elements and new development ideas on making World Cup 2022 accessible for all
Work Environment: Accessibility inside work place
Theme Park Accessibility: Case study of accessibility implementation best practices

The aim of the conference is to provide knowledge sharing in order to create awareness and explore importance of accessibility implementation in the various everyday life sectors. The conference will also promote a pavilion at Project Qatar to explore smart technologies which enable and foster universal accessibility.

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  • Nasser Siabi
    Dr. Nasser Siabi
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  • Reem Al Mansoori
    Reem Al Mansoori
    Assistant Undersecretary for Digital Society Development Sector
    Ministry of Transport and Communications
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  • Candace Cable
    Candace Cable
    Professional Athlete/Paralympian/Olympian
    Open Doors Organization
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  • Richard Kuppusamy
    Richard Kuppusamy
    Senior Architectural Designer/BIM Leader
    WAHO Architects, Singapore
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  • Mohammed Al Fehaida pic
    Mohammed Al Fehaida
    Communications and Marketing Officer
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  • Mike Park pic
    Mike Park
    e-Accessibility Expert
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  • 6.2 Mark Todd pic
    Mark Todd
    Access all Areas
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  • 5.2 Kiji Pic
    KIJI (Hideto Kijima)
    Japan Accessible Tourism Center
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  • 4.2 Jane Stoneham pic
    Jane Stoneham
    Sensory Trust
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  • 3.2 Isabella pic
    Isabella Menichini
    Head of Department
    Milan Municipality
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  • 2.2 Hassan Al-Ibrahim
    Hassan Abdulrahman Al-Ibrahim
    Acting Chairman, QTA
    Chief Tourism Development Officer, QTA
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  • 1.2 Bill Forrester Pic
    Bill Forrester
    Co-Founder of
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  • Martin-Heng-pic
    Martin Heng
    Accessible Travel Manager
    Lonely Planet
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  • Guy pic
    Guy Davies
    Founder and Managing Director
    Disability Solutions Ltd
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  • David Banes Pic
    David Banes
    David Banes Access and Inclusion Services
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  • Morne Fourie photo
    Morné Fourie
    VP of Design Management
    Dubai Parks and Resorts
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  • Martin Heng
    Martin Heng
    Accessible Travel Manager and Editorial Adviser
    Lonely Planet
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